Bid for Ahmadinejad's used car hits $2 million   -   00:49

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's 33-year-old car has received a $2 million bid after it was...

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Ahmadinejad attacks western media and capitalism   -   01:14

Ahmadinejad attacks capitalism as well as western media and predicts its failure in near future.  

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Ahmadinejad in Semnan: How long you have been...   -   03:54

In his recent trip trip to Semnan province, Ahmadinejad asks people that how long they have been...

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World can learn from Iran's economic reform!   -   02:22

Iranian MP and former ambassador to Mexico Ghadiri Abyaneh, believes that World can learn from...

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Iran President Says Nuke Sanctions Have Failed   -   07:06

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared U.S.- led attempts to stop his country from developing...

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Tavakoli harshly attacks Ahmadinejad...   -   03:21

Iranian MP Ahmad Tavakoli harshly attacks Ahmadinejad and vice president, Mohammed Reza Rahimi and...

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IRIB: All people satisfied with Subsidy cuts!   -   03:16

According to this Iranian TV report, all people satisfied with subsidy cuts and appreciate...

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Ahmadinejad warns about possible riots...   -   01:12

Ahmadinejad warns western powers and their "poor allies inside" about possible riots after removing...

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Iranian nurses complain to solve...   -   01:46

Although Ahmadinejad promised employment of more than 23000 nurses, they complain that his promises...

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Ahmadinejad press conference in a glance   -   02:59

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told an international press conference that Wikileaks documents are" worthless"...

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Naghdi on Ahmadinejad attention to Basij   -   01:49

Mohammad Reza Naghdi, the commander of the Basij paramilitary force in Iran admires Ahmadinejad...

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Ahmadinejad asks cab drivers to silence critics   -   01:28

Ahmadinejad asks cab drivers to silence critics who oppose his policy of removing subsidies.        

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Samareh Hashemi: Denying Supreme Leader...   -   02:05

Samareh Hashemi, high assistant of Ahmadinejad says that denying Supreme Leader means denying God!  

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Ahmadinejad old car in an auction!   -   00:53

Ahmadinejad old car will be offered in an auction and its revenue allocated to poor people!        

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IRIB anchor flatters Eftekhari   -   02:07

Jamshidi , Iranian state TV anchor flatters Eftekhari, an Iranian singer which is harshly...

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Exclusive: Ahmadinejad among Iranians in Baku   -   01:30

Raw footage of Ahmadinejad visiting Baku, Azerbaijan for the Caspian Sea Summit. Some Iranians rush...

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TV host asks Ahmadinejad to show up...   -   01:59

TV host asks the governor of Tehran, Morteza Tamaddon, why Ahmadinejad never shows up among people...

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TV audience funny remarks!   -   01:03

A woman calls an Iranian TV program and asks Ahmadinejad to pay monetary aids constantly after...

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Ahmadinejad condemns Russia over cancelled...   -   02:06

Ahmadinejad lashed out at Russia on Wednesday, saying it had "sold out" Iran to arch-foe the United...

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Ahmadinejad mathematics...   -   02:26

Parts of Ahmadinejad recent interview with Iranian state TV on removing tarrifs and its advantages.

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