Cleric funny memory about old cemetery ceremonies   -   02:12

Cleric funny memory about old cemetery ceremonies at Qom.                                          

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Najafzadeh unfinished report   -   03:21

Kamran Najafzadeh unfinished report after his return from Paris                                    

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"Soroush and reformists promoted...   -   08:57

Iranian TV explains how Abdolkarim Soroush and reformists promoted secularism at Iranian...

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Ahmadinejad press conference in Copenhagen   -   10:54

Ahmadinejad press conference in Copenhagen in a glance. The most astonishing point is that he...

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Little Girl giving Sermon   -   07:46

Iranian Girl speaking about Islam.                                          

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Ahmadinejad on U.N new sanctions and strict...   -   13:26

Ahmadinejad abases recent security council resolution and criticizes new round of Iranian police...

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Unprecedented tension in Majlis: Shut up &...   -   17:33

A full verision clip of Ali Larijani, Delkhosh and Ali Motahhari speeches about Azad University...

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Angry TV Presenter Gaffe   -   00:26

Angry TV Presenter Gaffe in IRINN                                            

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TV anchor complains Internet disruption   -   03:46

An anchor in Iranian State TV complains Internet disruption and says maybe it's better the...

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Playing flute through larynx   -   03:00

Unbelievable !                                                                                      

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Ahmadinejad recent TV interview   -   16:23

An excerpt of recent Ahmadinejad TV interview in which he attacks western countries and stress that...

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Iranian scholar rejects mandatory...   -   02:21

Iranian scholar, Mr. Mazahaeri rejects mandatory Hijab in Islam and says that it has been a must at...

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Officials destruct Iranian national...   -   01:32

Local officials at Kashan destruct national heritage at Fin garden and cut 400 years old trees to...

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Shamkhani hot debate on Iraq imposed war...   -   27:17

Iranian former defense minister, Admiral Ali Shamkhani discusses Iran - Iraq imposed war, the role...

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Funny TV phone call in Iranian TV   -   01:17

A woman participates through phone call in an Iranian TV program and says: "My husband recently...

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EXCLUSIVE: Astonishing girl in Taxi   -   10:44

Meeting a wonderful girl in Taxi who is so religious and attend religious gatherings and meanwhile...

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Cooking Pizza, different style   -   01:31

This cook believes his pizza tastes well, because he prays before its preparation.                  

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TV anchor ridicules Ahmadinejad monorail project   -   04:00

TV anchor ridicules Ahmadinejad monorail project. During he tenure as mayor of Tehran, he insisted...

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Tehran in the summer of 1979/1358   -   30:20

Six months after victory of Islamic revolution, no mandatory dress codes forced on people. There is...

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Exclusive interview with Mohammad Ali Abtahi   -   13:49

Hojjat ol-Eslam Seyyed Mohammad Ali Abtahi has served first as President Khatami's chief of staff,...

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