Najafzadeh unfinished report   -   03:21

Kamran Najafzadeh unfinished report after his return from Paris                                    

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Cleric funny memory about old cemetery ceremonies   -   02:12

Cleric funny memory about old cemetery ceremonies at Qom.                                          

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Former member of MKO on Rajavi habits   -   06:49

Former memeber of MKO organization talks about Rajavi habits and behaviors before revolution.      

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Iranian officials on PARTY-BAZI !   -   03:00

Iranian officials on PARTY-BAZI ! No comment!                                                      

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Husband beaten for Imam Mahdi   -   01:29

A Husband Complaining of her wife and says she considered herself as an Imam Mahdi agent and I...

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Iranian intelligence minister interview,...   -   60:42

Heidar Moslehi told state TV Thursday that the individual was using informants to collect...

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MP on old-aged laws and economic...   -   11:34

Iranian MP, Mousa Ghorbani, discuses old-aged laws and economic corruption and gives 10 scores...

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Ex-minister tries to read a poem!   -   02:39

Behbahani, ex-minister of transport tries to read a poem, but he fails!                            

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Funny gaffe at foreign ministry   -   00:29

Funny gaffe during Iran and Germany foreign ministers joint press conference.                      

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Shahrdad Rohani at Fajr music festival   -   02:33

Shahrdad Rohani(Persian: شهرداد روحانی) is an Iranian composer, violinist/pianist, and...

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"Soroush and reformists promoted...   -   08:57

Iranian TV explains how Abdolkarim Soroush and reformists promoted secularism at Iranian...

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Abbasi on media freedom in Iran   -   41:02

Hassan Abbasi on cinema, Islamic strategy and media freedom in Iran.                                

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Iran: Why Media Censor Egypt news   -   01:31

Iranian TV attacks western media and asks why all media Censor Egypt news?                        

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IRIB propaganda against Mousavi and...   -   14:51

Parts of IRIB widespread and unprecedented propaganda against Mousavi and Karroubi .                

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Political analyst condemns Mousavi and Karoubi   -   02:18

Political analyst condemns Mousavi and Karoubi and believes they are western chosen puppets to...

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Iranian women support war fronts against Iraq   -   05:23

Iranian women support war fronts against Iraq and streets on solidarity and parsimony.              

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Khomeini: Iranian people are in love...   -   02:20

Khomeini speech about Taleghani sudden death at 1980. He says that Iranian people are in love with...

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Shariatmadi on his honesty and Egypt revolution   -   30:11

Keyhan Daily editor in chief, Hossein Shariatmadi predicts Israel collapse after Mubarak fall down...

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Western media reports on Khomeini return, 1979   -   03:39

Western media different reports on Khomeini return to Iran after 15 years of exile in 1979.        

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Badamchian on economic privileges of revolution   -   02:50

Iranian hardliner Asadollah Badamchian, tells some economic privileges of revolution and argues...

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