Iranian intelligence minister interview,...   -   60:42

Heidar Moslehi told state TV Thursday that the individual was using informants to collect...

  • Views: 9523

IRIB propaganda against Mousavi and...   -   14:51

Parts of IRIB widespread and unprecedented propaganda against Mousavi and Karroubi .                

  • Views: 8455

Political analyst condemns Mousavi and Karoubi   -   02:18

Political analyst condemns Mousavi and Karoubi and believes they are western chosen puppets to...

  • Views: 6717

Iran accusations against Zahra Bahrami   -   06:41

Iranian TV report on accusations of Zahra Bahrami. Iranian-Dutch citizen recently hung for...

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" Leila Otadi supposed to play as Neda Agha-Soltan"   -   01:31

Without mentioning any name, Iranian director Aboulghasem Talebi confirms that Leila Otadi was...

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Azghadi: Iranian diplomats ashamed of...   -   07:32

Rahimpour Azghadi, hardliner theorist comes clean that some Iranian diplomats ashamed of 30 years...

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Taeb: Mousavi, Khatam & Karroubi western...   -   36:04

At a speech full of scurrility and swearwords, Iran's Basij commander, Hojatoleslam Taeb stresses...

  • Views: 7931

Jannati says Iranian elections need no reformists   -   08:14

Iranian hardliner, Ahmad Jannati criticized Mohammad Khatami, Iran's former president for his...

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Larijani enumerates reformists diversions   -   02:16

Iranian Parliament speaker, Ali Larijani attacks reformists and enumerates their so-called...

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Spiritual interpretations of...   -   06:25

Iranian MP links Quran and Hadith to post-election tensions in Iran and uses it as a tools to...

  • Views: 4354

Culture minister on fashion,green...   -   07:20

Iranian culture minister criticizes judicial system for trial of Kaveh Eshtehardi, Iran newspaper...

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Shariatmadari threatens Mousavi,...   -   11:19

Shariatmadari threatens Mousavi, Karroubi and Khatami and calls them traitors asks for their...

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Khamenei compares imposed war with "soft war"   -   01:29

In a speech for some followers from Guilan province on Wednesday December 29 , Khamenei referred to...

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Iran flatterers: yesterday, today and tomorrow!   -   00:56

No comment!                                                                                        

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"9 Dey Epic was completely unorganized"   -   01:54

A cleric believes that 9 Dey rally of government supporters was unorganized and people themselves...

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EXCLUSIVE: Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System   -   02:35

The approximately 500 m long overflow dam over the Karun, Iran's most effluent river, was the core...

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EXCLUSIVE: Band_e_Lashkar in Shushtar   -   04:05

Band_e_Lashkar in Shushtar was an ancient arch bridge in Shushtar built by a Roman workforce in the...

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Mohseni Ejei threatens Karoubi and Mousavi again   -   00:46

Mohseni Ejei threatens Karoubi and Mousavi again to detenstion.                                    

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Amoli Larijani warns green movement   -   01:28

Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani has condemned last year tension in the day of...

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Naghdi: Sedition failed because it was anti-religion"   -   00:49

Mohammad Reza Naghdi. Naghdi, the commander of the Basij paramilitary force in Iran argues that...

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