A war veteran tacitly supports Iranian green movement   -   06:05

No comment.                                                                                        

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Iranian women support war fronts against Iraq   -   05:23

Iranian women support war fronts against Iraq and streets on solidarity and parsimony.              

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Helali Nohe about War   -   04:15

Helali Singing Nohe about Iran-Iraq War and Memorial of Martrys of War        

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Abadan, one month after Iran - Iraq war   -   03:07

In September 1980, Abadan was almost overrun during a surprise attack on Khuzestan by Iraq, marking...

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Morteza Avini and The Chronicles of Victory   -   12:15

Some friends of Sayyed Morteza Avini, the creator of "The Chronicles of Victory Documentary" (روایت...

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Iranian warriors rush to fronts of war with Iraq   -   03:11

Iranian brave warriors rush to fronts of war with Iraq, while their parents and beloved ones pray...

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This Iranian pilot crippled Iraq air...   -   03:08

Iranian brave pilot, Kiomars Heydarian, tells how he attacked Basra power plant and destroyed it...

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12 years old kid at Iran - Iraq war front   -   01:08

12 years old kid during an operation at Iran - Iraq war front.                                      

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Iran-Iraq War veterans sing Noha before an operation   -   03:43

Iranian veterans and Basij forces get ready to operate against Iraqi forces in 80's.                

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Khamenei visits family of a martyr in Yazd   -   07:56

During Khamenei visit to city of Yazd in 2008 he met members of family whose son martyred during...

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Khamenei reaction to Mousavi resignation at...   -   06:03

For the first time, Iranian TV showed the text of Khamenie letter in reaction to Mousavi...

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90 Cm man has a normal life!   -   00:47

Hasan Hemmati, a 21 years old youth from Kermanshah province is just 90 Cm length, but performs all...

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Rasoul Mollagholipour war memories   -   20:01

Rasoul Mollagholipour (also spelt Rasool Mollagholi Poor, 1955 – 2007) was an Iranian film...

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Mohesen Rezaei reveals reasons of his...   -   04:17

Mohsen Rezaei, then commander of revolutionary guards reveals that he resigned during Iran - Iraq...

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Iranian captives tell their memories   -   03:45

Iranian captives of Iraq imposed war tells their memories. One of the them captivated when he was...

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Khorramshahr from occupation until freedom   -   26:33

Khorramshahr (Persian: خرمشهر) is a port city in Khūzestān Province in southwestern Iran. During...

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Shamkhani hot debate on Iraq imposed war...   -   27:17

Iranian former defense minister, Admiral Ali Shamkhani discusses Iran - Iraq imposed war, the role...

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Qom students and Iran-Iraq war   -   00:42

Students in Qom eager to bury remained bodies of Iran-Iraq war martyrs in their universities and...

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Iranian fighters have fun in war fronts with Iraq   -   06:28

Iranian fighters have fun in war fronts with Iraq and kidding each others to strengthen their...

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Iranian veterans sacrifices during war...   -   03:53

Part of "Revayat Fath" documentary that show Iranian veterans, members of army and Basij militia...

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