EXCLUSIVE: Mousavi supporters conquered Tehran


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Made by , 1981 day(s) ago .

azadi kalamist rahaee bakh'sh baraye man0to.ey irani

Made by vahid , 2504 day(s) ago .

Mousvai > AhamdiNejad aka MeyMOON. How is he better? There is no economy. People inside Iran (majority) don't respect him. How is he better? He's just a puppet for other clerics such as Khamenieh to get richer and take advantage of people for another 4 years. Doorood bar IRANN.

Made by KOSE-NANE-AHAMDINEJAD&BASIJIS , 2574 day(s) ago .

Ye mosht jende dagoorio bache kooni tarafdare mousavian...Vali khareton gayedas age mousavi beshe...

Made by shamai , 2576 day(s) ago .

Doost'e aziz ! harf'e shoma waghean dorosteh wa omidwaram keh in jawanha dar Iran ham betawanand be in masal'e fekr konand.

Made by ramin , 2576 day(s) ago .

سگ زدرد برادر شغال است. موسوی هم یک جنایتکاری است که خیلی قتل و شگنجه در زمان این عالیجناب صورت گرفته است مرگ بر ا

Made by susan , 2576 day(s) ago .

raye ma mo0savi

Made by ramtin , 2576 day(s) ago .

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Mousavi supporters demonstrate in Tehran and ridicule Ahmadinejad and his campaign slogans.

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