Hadad Adel solution for correction of consumption style


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dorost mifarmayid shoma...

ishoon masaele keshvare ra besiar ziba va barik-binane darand illustrate mikonand... ba estefade az yek tashbih...

az ghaza dar kakhe sefid ham raje be in mozoo sohbat shod... vali khob maghze koochike oonha be natijeyi ke shoma pey bordid, pey nabord...

valy man akharesh nafahmidam, belakhare in chai kame ya ghand kame? (ino miporsam bebinam chai berizam baratoon, ya ghand biaram???)

Made by mmmmm.... , 2603 day(s) ago .

I share your comment that you`r saing just shoot this mother fucker. just shoot them one by one............." you would never kill as meny mullah and mother fucker such as this one as they´ve killed in 30 years in Iran. We people all around the world going to make the live as a hell for you mother fucker dictators..............!!! go to hell all of you son of the bitch...........!

Made by Erik , 2605 day(s) ago .

just shoot this mother fucker ignorant piece of shit.
where do these idiots come from? send them back to arab nations.

Made by fuck Hadad , 2605 day(s) ago .

درود بر این عمق نظر جناب حداد عادل

Made by خرچنگ زاده , 2606 day(s) ago .

Ferestaadanesh japon, rafte ghande habashoon ro negaah karde. Bebinid omgh moshaahedaat ro.

Made by anon , 2606 day(s) ago .

moshkelat rozmare ma faghat riz ya dorosht bodan ghand habe ast
ke khoshbakhtaneh onham tavasot yek filsof mamlecat bar taraf shod

Made by kyros , 2608 day(s) ago .

so iranian nation should eat less sugar dice but mulla should steal bilions of their money!!!

hadad dokhtaresho dade persare khamenei bokone ke reis majles she!!! harmoom zadhe khar kose!!!

Made by mulla koskeshe , 2610 day(s) ago .

hameye moshkelate keshvar hal shode, faghat moonde ghandemoono koochik konim...

Made by iman , 2613 day(s) ago .

haha ha dozi khordane ghand

Made by kawe81 , 2613 day(s) ago .

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He believes sugar grains must be as small as chickpea.

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